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Friday, September 11, 2009

Safaris...Riots....9/11...Same Kind of Different

I will be leaving Tuesday, September 22nd to visit David in Uganda! I will leave around 2pm from Memphis and I fly to Boston, Amsterdam, and then I arrive in Uganda Wednesday night. David and others from eMi will be dropping someone off at the airport that night and picking me up. We will go from there to stay at a campground and then go on a safari the next day!

Here is the link to where I will be staying for the safari me and David and his eMi friends will be going on:


So one of David's prayer requests has to do with riots that are going on in Kampala, Uganda, the city that he is in right now. It's all complicated political stuff, but if you want to read about it, here is a brief story on it:


So I am very excited about my trip to Uganda. I just can't wait to see David and see this place he is spending time in. I will miss one of each of my grad classes, so that won't be too bad, and I will miss a week of work, which they knew I'd be missing when they hired me, so that's fine. Grad school is not hard really, but what IS hard about it is getting back into school mode and making myself sit and read lots of pages in textbooks and sit and write papers! So I am struggling through that. I really do like how all our classes are discussion based, and honestly I do like that we write papers instead of take tests. I will have a midterm in one of my classes, but the rest of the classes are presentations or papers instead.

This morning Mom and I went to the 9/11 memorial service on the Square in Oxford. It was simple, just a few speeches. A boy from Lafayette High sang the national anthem and there was a gun salute and a flower wreath and the older man that's in the Ole Miss band played Taps. It is still shocking to me how horrible that day was when I really stop to think about it. It's amazing that there is that kind of evil in the world. So it was nice to stop and honor those that lost their lives that day, the innocent victims and the service men that worked to save many.

If anyone is looking for a quality read, Same Kind of Different as Me by Denver Moore and Ron Hall is an excellent choice! I'm not even finished with it yet, but it makes me cry every time I pick it up, and I don't cry at just any story. Its a very genuine story about two mens' lives crossing in a design only God could put together. It teaches some amazing lessons about God, without being preachy at all. In other words, READ IT!!!


Well, I'd much rather keep blogging, but its really just a way to procrastinate cleaning my room and writing a paper or two, so I must go :(