Hope For Me Yet

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ok, This Time I'm Really Back

Here I go, blogging again! I have really been wanting to start blogging again, so I'm finally doing it. No more procrastinating. I have things to say!
Many things have changed since I last posted. The biggest thing is that I got married! I am now Mrs. David Allen Dill, and it has been so fun and such a blessing. It's a big change to get married, but after only 3 months, I don't see how I was ever without him:) It is a change that becomes a part of you and changes you for the better, forever. You really are one with someone, and its an everyday miracle that God blesses us with, and we must not take it for granted. I find myself stepping back and thinking, wow, I can't believe this guy married me:) Praise Jesus for bringing us into each other's lives.

{our moment}

We also honeymooned in St. Lucia. It was beautiful and relaxing and I miss it, mainly because all we had to do was enjoy each other's company and not think about life and responsibilities!
{View from our villa}

I have also started a new job. No more cupcakes :( Now I get to work with animals (and their owners) at Northeast Animal Hospital. It has been a good change. I really like all the people I work with, which is a huge plus.{so fun to play with}