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Friday, August 28, 2009

I'm not too scared of the Swine Flu anymore...

So, I know, its been a long time since I've posted. Much has happened!

1. David is in Uganda!
2. I've changed jobs and begun grad school
3. I've recovered from illness, missing girls weekend
4. Miss Laura recovered from Swine Flu and did not give it to me or anyone else

After getting my typhoid shot I was very sore for a day, but then got better. Well two days later the little kiddies I work with gave me "the crud." I had a terrible cold for a few days. My whole face and head hurt, and I had a temperature. The good news was that I had it over the weekend so I stayed in bed the whole time. The bad news was I had it over the weekend and missed hanging with the girls in Memphis :(
Miss Laura, the teacher I have been assisting, was sick the same week I was, but she had SWINE FLU!!! Scary, I know. But apparently, it is not any worse than a regular flu and is actually shorter in length. Laura only had a temp for 3 days. The reason its scary is that its so contagious.
Today was my last day working with the pre-schoolers. I was offered a graduate assistantship afterall and took it! I will be working with undergraduates who have been on academic suspension, helping to get them back on track. I'm very excited to actually be doing a form of counseling!
I really like my cohort and my professors and am actually excited about my classes. More on that later.
David made it to Uganda finally and is getting adjusted to life there. We are still getting used to the time difference. I just skyped with him, and I was about to eat lunch and he was headed home to go to bed! I miss him alot, but I'm so glad he is doing this. And I leave to go see him on September 22!! I can't wait to see Kampala, Uganda. I've just got my Yellow fever shot to go, and then malaria pills for the trip. Hopefully I won't get sick from this last shot.
Well, if anyone come to Oxford anytime soon, let me know so we can hang out! I don't know about you, but I'm ready for football season...



Oh, and this is random, but this is a very good video.


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